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Colored Contact Lenses Solotica HIDROCOR Yearly Blue

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Old Price: US$90.00

US$55.00 Special Price

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Colored Contact Lenses Solotica HIDROCOR

Looking for a new fresh and fashionable look? Contact lenses were not necessarily designed to correct vision issues, but also to provide an amazing experience for those who want to feel more confident.

Therefore, Solotica HIDROCOR has a ​ full range of ​ colored contact lenses​ with a unique and smooth surface for ​ comfortable and healthy looking eyes​ . These are non prescription contact lenses and it adapts to all kinds of eye colors and ​ enhance its color​ at the same time.

The Solotica HIDROCOR colored contact lenses are perfectly designed to provide a very fresh and comfortable experience through all day use. Remembering that these are disposable contact lenses with 1 year durability and it is not recommended to use them while sleeping and for more than one day without taking them off.

As we provide a ​ wide variety of colors​ , you can ​ order contact lenses​ for all types of occasions. Honey, Hazel, Quartz, Grey and Amber are some of the colors ​ available to buy online. You can order your colored contact lenses without prescription and you also have the option to choose ​contact lenses for myopia or hypermetropia​ issues or contact lenses for cosmetic use​ only.

Solotica​ produces the best ​ colored contact lenses available online​ because of its technology which allows an easy circulation of oxygen. Despite the colored contact lens high quality, its use can provocate side effects as discomfort or mild burning; so it is very important to respect the ​ contact lenses durability​ and also the ​ lens care​ instructions.

The advantage of using contact lenses instead of glasses is that you can play sports and do any other activity without worrying about your vision issues. And the best part of ​ colored contact lenses​ is that you can ally comfort with beauty, changing your eye color whenever you like.

Discard annual, without outline, 1 pair of lenses with or without POWER.

Suitable for cosmetic use and for myopia or hypermetropia.

Durability of 1 year after open.

Material: 62% Polymacon; 
Hydration: 38%; 
Diameter: 14.2 mm; 
Base curve: 8.7; 
Packing: 1 pair; 

Manufacturer: Solótica.

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