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Opti-Free PureMoist 120ml Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution Alcon Ciba Vision

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US$10.00 Price:


Opti-Free PureMoist 120ml Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution

OPTI-FREE® multi-purpose contact lens disinfection solution helps maintain a protective layer of moisture between the lens and the eye for up to 14 hours! The layer of moisture on the surface of the lens can help keep the eyes healthy (no redness) for many users of contact lenses.

OPTI-FREE® allows many users to have clearer vision at the end of the day. When a contact lens is immersed in the OPTI-FREE® solution, the lens surface is refurbished by a proprietary system called TearGlyde®. TearGlyde® allows the lens surface to retain a thin layer of natural moisture from the eyes, keeping the lens hydrated for up to 14 hours - 6 hours longer than other contact lens solutions!

The OPTI-FREE® contact lens solution incorporates new ingredients into a disinfection system that has been in use for over 20 years. Alcon® continues to develop new technologies to maintain the new types of lenses available. This focus allowed OPTI-FREE® to continue to achieve high levels of disinfection against bacteria and fungus.

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